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Integrated with state of the-art IoT connectivity, with our platform, Vehicles can be tracked, controlled, and managed by your fleet network at the edge of your fingertips.

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The goal is to provide you with the best possible hardware, with an exceptional IoT ecosystem, user-friendly software that complements one another & ultimately results in the best platform around.

Advanced transportation system

Connect all modes of public and private transportation under one system

Build a platform where you can replace the old method with a newer one that uses a real-time informations on a range of public and private transport options. MaaS brings all transportation modes into a single mobility service where the user can book the approbate vehicle to complete the journey.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a platform that covers all aspects of transportation process and replace the old method with an advanced system that uses digital gadgets.

MaaS platform expands the options for the user to select the suitable vehicle to commute to the selected location by saving time and avoid traffic. Users can book, pay and go to their selected destination without the need to stop and guess.

As the world shaping into more sustainable environment cities needs to have unlimited options to commute and fast. The concept of MaaS will allow the city to operate with efficiency because it guide the user to the best route and select the transportation mode without the need to worry about the traffic flow.

Smart Parking Management System

Parking available everywhere in one application

Build your smart solution that uses limited sources of gadgets such as; sensors and cameras to exchange information with the driver about the status of the parking spot.

Time saved

Smart parking solution reduced the time spending looking for parking spaces.

Reduced pollutants

Smart parking solution contributes in the healthy and sustainable environment and reduced NO2 and CO2.

Smart city services

Be ahead of the change and present your smart city services uniquely

The concept of a smart city begins to develop seriously each year, especially after the exponential growth and development of IoT and cloud-based smart systems. The opportunity has arrived where cities and government officials can transform and establish smart infrastructure. Cities will gain a flexible, cost-effective and continuous platform that will support them to produce quality life to their citizens.

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Our aim here is to support cities to achieve their vision by providing smart solutions that are sustainable focussed and reduce carbon emission.

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