DRT solution provides riders a specific type of shared vehicle to commute from A-B with cost-effective and convenient mode of travel. Our white-label solution with inbuilt algorithm will assist the drivers with a route planning algorithm that maximises the vehicle capacity while offering flexibility pick up and drop points to the users across the city.

How does it work?

How can TRC help?

Here at TRC we think different enabling us to create a unique simple platform architecture that would fit right into the smart city plans that every city is moving towards.

We have built a predefined ready to plug in API that enables city and the operator to share information pretaining to the safety and traffic congestion on real-time basis

We thought of every aspect for DRT solution and built features that focus on cusomter experience, safety, relaibility and revenue generating service

  • White label ready to use solution with user applications and fleet management tools that lets your brand shine.
  • Rider application with inbuilt AI support system that does the planning for pick up, drop off , routing etc
  • Real time data analytic tools and insights to let you understand the serice updates and the need for infrastructure improvement like new routes, vehicles etc where necessary
  • Deep colloboration from our experienced team to help you launch and scale the solution hand in hand thus increasing the efficiency of the city services
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